Tuesday, September 25, 2007
  Moving on ....
There have been quite a few Labour blogs that have called it a day over recent months for one reason or another. Even this blog has been feeling a little jaded recently. Don't get me wrong pointing out the errors of our opponents is always worthwile but being a pale 10th of recessmonkey or kerron isn't really worth the candle.

But i'm not chucking blogging in rather if you can't beat them do something more worthwhile. So this blog is moving over to wordpress and talking about policy alot more.

See you over there

PS thanks to the people who put this blog 27th on Iain Dale's list. Those below will no doubt feel robbed and frankly i'm inclined to agree with them but there's always next year.

PPS Dodgy russians who make Jeffrey Archers branch of the tory party look positivly angelic and undertake legal action against bloggers can go to hell or state of non being as the some in the CoE now call it.
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
  Facebook Tories
I'm half in a state on amazement at what people will put on facebook and allow the world to see. Take one Richard Coates, apparently the Gloucestershire County Council Conservative Political Researcher where he is, in his own words, "Paid to indulge my megalomania, I dream of ruling the county with a rod of iron from my frozen throne."
Monday, September 17, 2007
  Voter intimidation, shameless lies and ruthless cynicism: Are the Fib Dems the new nasty party?
As the new political season is gearing up Parburypolitica has been campaigning around the country. Last weekend it was back to my old stamping ground in Manchester and the weekend before to Stonebridge for a by election in the new Brent Central seat. Now the the Lib Dems could be used as a dictionary definition for random but I did notice some similarities in how they operate across the country.

Dogshit politics: Follow a dog around all day and wait until it does its daily doing, put your worst mattress on the street for as long as it takes to photo or even pretend to clear off graffiti then con the local populace into believing your doing something about it.

If in doubt lie, lie and lie again: If the first approach doesn't work blame the labour party and "forget" to mention to the voters that you have been running the council for the past year and half. In those canvassing door step conversations which aren't recorded you can say what you want. Labour candidates suddenly become nightmare neighbours, hospitals face sudden closure unless a lib dem is elected .... the list could go on and on. Oh and if they lose it wasn't because the voters thought they were rubbish its because they were called paedophiles by the victors but somehow forgot to mention it during the campaign. Fib Dem grapes are always sour.

If that doesn't work send in the heavies: In the battle of the poster wars they play really dirty. Got a garden on a main road with a tree and they will be your best friends. Put a non lib dem poster up in one of "their" areas they wont leave you alone until you take it down.

Recruit randoms: Like all dodgy cults the lib dems prey on the weak and gullible. They get asked to be members. Weak, gullible and now more of your neighbours than average, or even better a wife beating mercenary, then you can be the fib dem candidate / councillor / MP or in Ming's dreams PM.
Friday, September 14, 2007
  Lib dems want to end the NHS ... no seriously....
Free at the point of use is the principle that is the bedrock of the NHS and the Lib Dems want to drive a coach and horses right through it. The lib dems seem to be in a spin at the moment. Personally I think it is rather unfair the Ming Campbell is written off because he is old when he really should be written off because he is useless and judging by what the they are saying in the Guardian politically venal. Bring on the campaign "Lib Dems want to destroy the NHS".
Friday, September 07, 2007
  What the commies really mean.
From the CPGB website

After the defeats of the 20th century, we have seen a process of disintegration of proletarian politics. Genuine Marxists must engage in a process of recomposition. Above all, the left needs a rigorous approach to theory, an attempt to rearticulate communism as a viable alternative to a global capitalism in terminal decline. We call on all serious partisans of the working class to join us in this work

and it should really say

After billions of people thought we were authoritarian idiots, we have seen a process of them telling us to go sling our hook. Really crusty agenda dyslexics only have the works of Marx and Engels for company so must engage in a process of recomposting. Above all, the left needs to talk to itself as no on else is listening, an attempt to regurgitate communism that is bound to fail because everyone has gone shopping. We call on all serious screwballs, nutters, misfits and people who secretly fantasize about Stalin in the lumpen polytechnic to join us in this work
Wednesday, September 05, 2007
  Rabitte no more
The Irish Labour party leader Pat Rabbitte is standing down following the recent general election they had over there. At the moment there is only one candidate for his replacement Eamon Gilmore. Wonder where they got that idea from.
Monday, September 03, 2007
  Tory MP's refuse to back liability Boris
In a startling revelation Tory MP's in London are split down the middle as only half were revealed as backers of Boris Johnson's mayoral campaign today. The overwhelming favourite to be selected as the Tories mayoral candidate is seen by many in the conservative parliamentary party as an embarrassing liability. This will come as a disappointment to his close friend and fellow Bullingdon club member David Cameron who had wanted a serious candidate like Greg Dyke but was prepared to settle for the old Etonian as it would create a greater perceived distance between his extremely rightwing friend and his modernising project.

London Tory MP's backing Boris 10
James Brokenshire
David Burrows
David Evennett
Justine Greening
Stephen Hammond
Greg Hands
Nick Hurd
Richard Ottoway
Andrew Rosindell
Lee Scott

London Tory MP's not backing Boris 9
Jacqui Lait
Bob Neill
Iain Duncam Smith
Mark Field
Andrew Pelling
Sir Malcolm Rifkind
Derek Conway
John Horam
John Randall

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