Tuesday, May 08, 2007
  A Rightwing Royal Scandal - Parburypolitica Exclusive
After the local elections there is one thing that we can say for sure, namely that the next general election will be a very closely fought contest. There is a significant possibility of a hung parliament. In such a situation that the Monarch should be seen to be politically neutral is of paramount importance. That goes to the heart of both the constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

Edward Young (pictured) is a former Vice Chairman, Reading East Conservative Association and a Reading Borough Councillor. He was elected in 1994 and became group leader, it is not clear yeat when he stood down but he was a conservative parliamentary candidate for Leigh in the 1997 general election. He then in 1999 went on to become an advisor to the Shadow Chancellor and subsequently The Leader of the Opposition William Hague up until 2001.

He then joined Grenada as Head of Corporate Communications, working primarily on the merger with Carlton Communications to form ITV plc. Prior to his election to Parliament David Cameron was Director of Corporate Affairs for Carlton and after 2001 he was retained as a consultant. It would be very interesting to find out what links they had with each other during this time.

So after his time as a tory candidate and tory spinner, add a couple of years of working in the private sector for non party political cover though don't let that stop you working in the same mileu as the future leader of the opposition,then become a member of the Royal Household as assistant Private Secretary to the Sovereign. As of September 2007 he will be promoted to Deputy Private Secretary. This puts him in line to be the next Principle Private Secretary the highest advisor to Her Majesty in time for the next election.

Did he declare his past as an active conservative when applying to the Royal Household?If he did what on earth are they playing at by putting the political impartiality of the Queen at risk. We can accept them being social conservatives but actively employing party political ones is a step to far.

We could be in a position where Her Majesty's most important advisor is not seen to be politically neutral and an ex advisor to the shadow foreign secreatary William Hague, he may even be a friend of David Cameron.

If after the next election there is a hung parliament and the Queen asked Mr Young his advice on the way forward for the country can he honestly say that his advice to the Sovereign would not at all be clouded by his political past. I think he can't say that with any certainty especially because of his personal links to the main protagonists of the Conservative parliamentary party. He should go now before his position becomes untenable in a constitutional crisis.
  Dave Cameron's underage drinking - On Concorde
This is a great bit from David Camerons Wiki entry. Personally I think the image of an 11 year old Concorde flying, Dom Perignon swilling David Cameron could be more damaging than Billy boy Hague and his 18 pints a day.

"Heatherdown Preparatory School

At the age of seven, Cameron was sent to Heatherdown Preparatory School in Berkshire, which counts Prince Andrew and Prince Edward among its alumni. A feature on Cameron by Frances Elliott and James Hanning in The Mail on Sunday, March 18, 2007 reports that in July, 1978 when Cameron was 11, Mrs Gordon Getty flew her son Peter, grandson of oil billionaire John Paul Getty and four classmates to the United States to celebrate his birthday. Cameron was one of the classmates chosen to accompany him. Rhidian Llewellyn, who at 18 taught Cameron briefly, was chaperoning the boys. As they tucked into caviar, salmon and beef borderlaise on board a Concorde bound for Washington he recalled turning towards Cameron who raised a glass of Dom Perignon '69 to him and exclaimed 'Good health, Sir!'"
Monday, May 07, 2007
  Cruddas interview
Straight talk or what.
Saturday, May 05, 2007
  What a brilliant idea?
Foreign aid being syphoned off by governments due to corruption. NGO's spending to much on admin and fat western salaries. There are plenty of reasons not to help the developing world but Kiva is a pretty good answer to them.

It is a internet based system of micro credit. You don't get any interest on the loans you provide but the repayment rate is very high indeed and you help create businesses in the third world which is ultimately the best way of reducing poverty in those countries rather than solely foriegn aid important though that is. Anyway check it out.
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
  None of the bastards will open the door to me

Hopefully none of them will vote for Mr Ankers either. Whatever happens he wins the award for candidate name most likely to be a typographical error. Anyway this graphic has been shamelessly nicked from CP who will be commenting all night on the success or otherwise of Mr Ankers and the other Lib Dem members (I think is the right word)
  Karl Rove with sideburns

CBS's Dan Rather, who I think is still going, has a look at the 1972 Nixon relection campaign, including a young Karl Rove about 4 minutes in. Apart from the numpty look of one of the worlds most evil geniuses it is a fascinating to see how elections have changed in such a short amount of time.
  The best nebula this side of the universe

I love space. Perhaps I watched to much Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wednesdays 6pm BBC2 if I remember rightly, as a kid. Anyway the hubble space telescope has the benefit of not having the earths atmosphere getting in the ways of its lense so it can take some rather snazzy pics. Those people at NASA aren't ones to miss a good PR opportunity so now you to can have some brilliant images as Wallpaper on your desk top here.

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