Monday, April 30, 2007
  Things can only get fried in batter
Alex Salmond came up with a line recently to placate wavering Scottish Labour voters. If Scotland left the union it would not have to be for ever and Scotland could rejoin it if they wanted.

Who says that we would want the Scots back! I'm agnostic on the union. If the Scots want to have their own separate country I don't think we should start a civil war over it. They can go if they want to. You would hope that we could do a deal over the votes in Eurovision if the Scots could get over their paranoia that the english are holding them back.

I find the Scots Nats position incredible. It is predicated on the assumption that the English would roll over and want to get their tummy tickled like some labdrador gratfull at the return of its master. No doubt they would be whining for the return of their present subsidy junkie financial settlement.

If they want to stay fine. If they want to go fine. If they want to waltz in and out like it's strictly come dancing they can get lost. Then comes the divying up of the assets. The Scots should remember that it is British oil and the that Scotland is only a small part of Britain so I find it bizarre in the extreme that they should expect to get all the oil revenues.

The Scots get a remarkably good deal in the union. They get the rest of us to pay for public services which are more lavishly funded than for the rest of them. If you look at the coverage of the elections on thursday most of it is about Scotland when most people will be voting in england and wales. If they want to give that up fine but let them be under no illusion that they are going to get that deal back.
Friday, April 27, 2007
  Shout out to the ladies
News reaches Parburypolitica towers that Hornsey and Wood green is a bit short of candidates for the up coming selection which closes today! This was a seat that had a Labour majority of 20,000 in 1997 but is now occupied by Lynne Featherbrain. Given that performance I wouldn't expect Barbara Roache to be restanding so it is for someone else to take up the baton.

Hornsey & Wood Green
Held by: Lib Dem
Majority: 2,395
Second Place: Lab
All women shortlist? Yes
Closing date for applications: 27 April
Shortlisting: 23 May
Hustings: 20 June
Procedures Secretary: Mark Atkinson
41 Dukes Avenue, Muswell Hill, N10 2PX
Tel: 07811 468245
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
  Raspberry and mascarpone cheese cake
675 ml Mascarpone
3 large eggs
170g sugar
200ml Creme fraiche
Short crust pastry
large punnet of raspberries

Pre heat oven to gas mark 6

Roll out pastry to fit 23cm spring sided cake tin and bake blind for 15 min. You can make it yourself but I got it frozen. Seemed ok.

Meanwhile mix together the sugar, mascarpone and eggs and 2/3rds of the Creme fraiche.

Whizz the raspberriers, saving the ones you want to save for decoration and then put through a sieve into the cake mixture to stop the seeds. Mix together . Should be a thick creamy pink coloured mixture which you can pour into the cake tin.

Leave a bit of space between the top of the pastry and the cheesecake mix and shove in the oven again at gas mark 6 for 20 min

Then turn down to gas mark 4 untill the top is gold brown. When it has finished cooking turn the oven off but leave the cheese cake in for 30 min before taking out.

Best left to call in the fridge overnight.

Top tip don't worry if the filling puffs up while in the oven as it shrinks when cooling for best results set properly overnight in the fridge.

Use remaining Creme fraiche and raspberries on top of the cake for decoration.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
  Don't say I never get you anything
Hours of fun for all the family
Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Here's an argument for religion


Hat tip Louis Theroux
Monday, April 02, 2007
This is very bad news as I love Magnolia's.
  Fun and games
I hope he has got a good lawyer and he is a lawyer so that's fine and dandy.
Sunday, April 01, 2007
  Gumtree ads from Hell Part I
This can't be an April fools as it was posted yesterday. Personally I think the £300 per week they are looking for is a bit steep.


Oh god the interesting ones always start like this.

We have a fantastic living area in our garden in Chiswick.

Mud pits apparently are in this year.

The surroundings are quiet and you will sleep serenaded by the fox's cries at night and the occasional flight to/from Heathrow airport.

Which will be the one that gets blown up. But don't worry the fox cries will have driven you insane by then.

The space could accomodate a large-sized tent with all the trimmings

Que list of benefits that wouldn't be out of place in your average refugee camp.

(chair, cooking facilities and all of that, which you would have to bring yourself).

£300 per week and you have to provide your own accommodation!

A hose would provide you with a generous fresh water supply.

Gee thanks. Do Wateraid provide grants?

Other extras we are willing to throw in this fantastic offer are: the inclusion in our naturist community which holds meetings every saturday, with the realistic possibility of having intimate encounters with one (or more) of our members.

This is not a usual house share then.

We require a quiet, easy going person who has his own life but doesn't mind the odd glass of wine and occasional threesoming.

I'm beginning to see why the wine would be necessary.

We are open to sharing with couples too.

I bet you are.

We are a very open-minded couple, who doesn't mind gender, nationality or creed. You would be able to share the internal facilities (bathroom, kitchen, living room and when invited, the bedroom where we have a fantastic king size bed).

King size bed eh. I see someone was a member of the boy scouts. Be Prepared!

Please attach a picture of yourself when replying.We can provide pics of ourselves as well.

Somehow I feel that it aint going to be pretty.

Deposit of six weeks required, which you will get back when you leave, unless you damage the daffodils outside.

Ummm an £1800 deposit. These must be the world's most expensive daffodils.

In that case, you would be required to replant them and give us a share of your deposit which will go toward our time spent in supervising your gardening.

You have about as much chance of getting your deposit back as a trans Saharan camel herder has of getting frost bite in the midday sun.

Thanks a lot and we hope to hear from you soon! Lots of love, Jess & Linc xxx

Oh that's plenty of love alright.

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