Saturday, March 24, 2007
This is from a bit of a comment on the guardian website. Is this why the people have the malaise with politics that they do?
"Fundamentally I don't believe we live in a fully functioning democracy
anymore, and that's reflected in the Labour Party, Parliament and society in
general. Sure we have parties and elections, but do we really have politics
  Reality is not always comfortable
This is pretty damning. Before people start chipping in in favour of a certain somebody don't make me laugh. We need an Obama . . .
Friday, March 23, 2007
  Bill's Bias
Just got this from Bill Clintons email list

The only real reason to get involved in a campaign for president is becauseyou believe the candidate running is going to be the best president.

And with her experience, her commitment, her passion, her persistence, her record,and her ideas for the future on energy, healthcare, the economy, and security, I know Hillary will be the best president.

If he valuers his testicles he's not really going to say anything else is he now...

Next up Mrs Brown on how Mr Brown would be the best PM everrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  Bethnal Green and Bow goings on
Congratulations go to Rupa Huq for securing the womens nomination in Bethnal Green North Ward, commiserations to the also rans. Word reaches Parburypolitica that the Labour party branch meeting had the honour of a demonstration outside the meeting from assorted nutters, whingers, whiners and bankers from Respect. Ah Tower Hamlets politics, it gladens the heart.
  Birkbeck Students Union centre of the political universe not
Possibly the most rubbish set of student union election results in the history of student union politics. OK Birkbeck isn't really a student body that really digs SU politics but non the less. Of course I would have had greater right to complain if I had actually voted myself.


Last modified on 19/03/2007

Results of Student Union Elections 12-16 March 2007


Gabriel Herman, 17 votes
Satish Nayer, 21 votes (elected)
Re-open Nominations, 5 votes

Lampanelle Editor

Elizabeth Wood, 36 votes (elected)
Re-open Nominations, 3 votes

NUS Delegate 2007

Luke Stobart, 33 votes (elected)
Re-open Nominations, 7 votes

Tom McCartney
Returning Officer
  The Yellow Canaries slash and burn public sector
There may be some people under the impression that Liberal Democrats are somehow a softie lefty version of the Labour Party, personally I would have hoped that the human species would have evolved beyond falling for such delusions but for the benefit of those yet to be enlighted as to the nature of the yellow canaries I have news for you.

Lib Dem councils Tauton dean and Somerset County council have decided to hop into bed with IBM to run loads of their services, presumably because the Lib Dem councillors running them are so useless they have no idea how to improve them other than getting in the private sector in to slash job and the terms and conditions of council staff. They also want IBM to run customer services. This is another brilliant idea separate the function for complaints from the people that have any say over the actual services. The press release is here

If that wasn't enough the Lib Dems in Bristol have come up with the genius idea of crapping on care workers. Full story here.
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
  Telling it like it is - Gordon needs a proper challenge
There have got to be quite a few Labour MP's in marginal and indeed not so marginal seats that are shitting themselves at Brown's -15% poll position against Cameron. I know the arguments, it's mid term, he can't be himself until he's PM and then things will improve. Fine I don't expect such polls to be the result come the general election but it's a hell of a mountain to climb. There is also the worrying fact that he is less popular than Tony Blair. This given Iraq has to be something of an achievement but not in a positive sense.

Brown could be an incredablily gifted PM. He knows government, he is brighter than a football team of PhD's, he is a deeply moral politican but not in a back to basics kind of way. Then there is the other side. His lack of interpersonal skills, his scottishness, his lack of voter attractiveness in certain sections of the electorate. There is also the fact that he is something of a known quantity for the electorate and they have made up there mind.

The situation is not helped with no chance challenges from the left and a cabinet that seems to think it is Gordon's hemoroid cream. At the moment I am still going to vote for Gordon because there is no realistic alternative. No proper debate about the future of the country and no cabinet member with any political testicles. There are some who might suggest that Brown is the Hillary Clinton of British politics, and then ask who is our Barack Obama?
Sunday, March 18, 2007
  Mark Thomas videotastic

George Galloway interviewed on a toilet with Cuban Flag proclaiming Jarvis Cocker as the lead singer in Blur. "Radical" Margaret Hodge is more sensible, just.

Stay with this one for Simon Hughes claiming to be "a very good dancer" and then giving us the demonstration he is a lying little libdem git. Later on is David Amess using a marker pen on a partially clothed young lady. Bet she thinks she's a lucky girl.

Mark causing a little trouble with the boys in blue

Saturday, March 17, 2007
  Chris Paul and Alex Hilton - I salute you
Chris Paul - He's been getting himself into a little bother recently. First there was the Lib Dem councillor looky likey thing. Well I have news for people. There is a resemblence. It's fair comment. I personally have a complaint. I think CP was being far to easy on the Manchester Lib Dems. They are a complete waste of space, morally and politically bankrupt and couldn't run a bath let alone a city. So CP keep up the good work but stop being so kind to the scoundrels. I know that you are a labour lefty so prefer the carrot to the stick but really it is not your responsibility to make sure that Manchester Lib Dems get their five a day. So less carrott more stick please.

To those that don't like what he has to say. There is plenty of space in the blogesphere for your own blog. It's called free speech. I thought the fib dems were supposed to be in favour of that but as ever it turns out not to be the case. Please quit the synthetic outrage which doesn't really exist. It's pathetic and bullying. So stop it.

Alex Hilton - Some idiotic people have been taking offence at his post claiming Thatcher was dead. If people want to be that gullible that is there perogative but the idea that such news of national importance (I thought that would be a better word than celebration) is going to appear on Recess Monkey first is laughable whatever Mr Dale says about the chimps contacts in Downing St. I thought the whole incident rather amusing though I was taken aback at the vitriol of the tory boys reaction to the mickey being taken out of their favourite MILF.

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