Friday, September 07, 2007
  What the commies really mean.
From the CPGB website

After the defeats of the 20th century, we have seen a process of disintegration of proletarian politics. Genuine Marxists must engage in a process of recomposition. Above all, the left needs a rigorous approach to theory, an attempt to rearticulate communism as a viable alternative to a global capitalism in terminal decline. We call on all serious partisans of the working class to join us in this work

and it should really say

After billions of people thought we were authoritarian idiots, we have seen a process of them telling us to go sling our hook. Really crusty agenda dyslexics only have the works of Marx and Engels for company so must engage in a process of recomposting. Above all, the left needs to talk to itself as no on else is listening, an attempt to regurgitate communism that is bound to fail because everyone has gone shopping. We call on all serious screwballs, nutters, misfits and people who secretly fantasize about Stalin in the lumpen polytechnic to join us in this work
So, does that mean you're not actually a Marxist Will? I'm startled.
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