Wednesday, September 19, 2007
  Facebook Tories
I'm half in a state on amazement at what people will put on facebook and allow the world to see. Take one Richard Coates, apparently the Gloucestershire County Council Conservative Political Researcher where he is, in his own words, "Paid to indulge my megalomania, I dream of ruling the county with a rod of iron from my frozen throne."
It's ironic braniac. What are you - American?
I know this Coates. He does have a frozen throne - his landlord won't pay for insulation to the bathroom.
"It's ironic" were you not around for the last tory government?
Why were you looking at Coates' profile anyway you naughty, nosy little socialist?

Is it perhaps that your backwards political and economic views have alienated your friends so you have time to look at profiles of people you don't know?

Shouldn't you be down a mine or on a picket somewhere?
Why not? I like being nosey. He made his profile available to the several hundred thousand people on the Bristol network.

Of course if he didn't mean to do this he could always ask the taxpayer to fund a training course so he can learn how to use the privacy settings on facebook.
Richard has a good sense of humour. Parbury You should try that some time.
Good sense of humour? I'd dispute that...
i thought good sense of humour was how you described someone when you didn't want to say ugly.

and parbury... seriously? this is the best you can come up with?
Parbury your political commentary on other parties incompetence is very commendable. However, I can’t help feeling it is somewhat hypocritical. Surely a facebook profile is a personal issue, rather than a political one. I am sure Richard Coates is not trying to create his own political manifesto using facebook. Mr Coates, I have no doubt, is using his profile as a social instrument to inform his friends about his life. Wouldn’t his profile be somewhat boring without a bit of British irony? Should no one put any of their funny pictures or quotes up for fear of a blogger using their own blog for political opportunism? Isn’t it merely highlighting your own incompetence to find a worthy political story to blog about? Perhaps you could tell us how you failed to win a seat on MCC despite the council being awash with the colour red?
Oh dear. Socialist scumster in sense of humour failure shocker. I feel like I'm back at Uni already.

This isn't going to win you any votes, you know - but on the bright side, you've just given the boy Coates a boost!
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