Monday, September 03, 2007
  Tory MP's refuse to back liability Boris
In a startling revelation Tory MP's in London are split down the middle as only half were revealed as backers of Boris Johnson's mayoral campaign today. The overwhelming favourite to be selected as the Tories mayoral candidate is seen by many in the conservative parliamentary party as an embarrassing liability. This will come as a disappointment to his close friend and fellow Bullingdon club member David Cameron who had wanted a serious candidate like Greg Dyke but was prepared to settle for the old Etonian as it would create a greater perceived distance between his extremely rightwing friend and his modernising project.

London Tory MP's backing Boris 10
James Brokenshire
David Burrows
David Evennett
Justine Greening
Stephen Hammond
Greg Hands
Nick Hurd
Richard Ottoway
Andrew Rosindell
Lee Scott

London Tory MP's not backing Boris 9
Jacqui Lait
Bob Neill
Iain Duncam Smith
Mark Field
Andrew Pelling
Sir Malcolm Rifkind
Derek Conway
John Horam
John Randall
Interesting that the only two Conservative London Assembly Members on the list - Bob Neill and Andrew Pelling - who are also Tory MPs ill not back Boris. Why I wonder?
why indeed. and didn't you forget to list all the MPs and AMs of other parties who ARE supporting Boris Johnson? Whose media machine is the epitome of inept. Even Parburypolitica has had more posts than BoJo's press office.
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