Wednesday, August 15, 2007
  Tory makes a fat arse of himself
There are two ways you can do politics. One way is to engage in serious work to benefit your constituents the other is to grandstand in the media and make a tit of yourself in the hope that you can lick the sole of Boris de Pfiffel Johnson's boots.

Sadly Brian Coleman a Tory member of the London Assembly has taken it upon himself to follow the second aforementioned path. Not happy to out Ted Heath with no evidence whatsoever after the guy had died and was unable to sue, he has decided to attack Blue Peter presenter, the delectable Konnie Huq.

Having met Konnie I can say she is about as political as your average heat magazine reader. Her sister Rupa is the politico in the family and she didn't even know that she was going to meet Ken. But none the less, according to more febrile rightwingers standing next to Ken Livingstone at a launch for a cycling event imperils the political impartiality of the BBC. No doubt the next thing Coleman is going to come up with is that standing next to gay people will make you gay. Frankly standing next to Brian Coleman would put me off the idea but that's by the by. Apparently Coleman is gay but unlike most gay guys he is a total ^*%&(* *&$%

Coleman says the mayor made a political rant. The is fatuous nonsense. No such rant ever took place. So unless he wants to produce a transcript, which I can't see him doing as it would blow his " case" out of the water he should apologies forthwith to both Konnie Huq and Ken Livingstone. It really irritates me that good people from all parties involved in politics have to put up with such shallow, rentaquote media whores who sole electoral purpose is to increase their squild notoriety amongst a bemused electorate while lining their pockets with taxpayers cash.

The real question that should be asked is not over Konnie Huq's political impartiality which is impeccable but rather why the taxpayer has to subsidize Brian Coleman's fat ass's taxi fares to the tune of £10,000 per year.

Perhaps if he followed Konnie's sensible advice and got on a bike the taxpayer could breath a large sigh of relief at the lifting of this onerous burden and so would his chairs.
Mmmh ! Could it be this buffoon is acting as warm up boy for Boris J. - Trying to see what he can get away with ?
Imagine if that cretinous lot actually won! It would be atrocious.
Is the answer to the one about the fat gay Tory leaving the meter running anything to do with the late Ted Heath enjoying having young Coleman sucking his cock in the back on the way to and from tedious engagements? No??

I thought not but felt I'd better check before putting some crap about it on my blog.

By the way ... did you hear that Sir Ian Blair polished off a glass of wine rather quickly the other day? Hah hah hah. We'll have him. Proves he's a piss head don't you see??
PS Colemanballs is responsible for HALF the GLA taxi claim!!!

PPS Is there a nice pic of Konnie on a bike?

PPS There's a story on my blog today to make war mongerers everywhere moist.

I'm hearing that Luke Akehurst is sopping wet.

Political party cop donations from gun makers. Once owned by BAe but now with a principal investor who used to sell soap for his millions.

Gun makers are the enemies of reason. Discuss.

Tories should return this unreasonable donation. Discuss.
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Greetings from Gabriel in County Kerry in Ireland
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