Thursday, July 26, 2007
  Who kills more people: Osama Bin Laden or the motor car?
It appears that Mr Al Qaeda is in fact something of a wannabe when it comes to killing people compared with the motor car. Around 3000 people died in 9/11 but more than 3000 people every single year die on Britain's roads. Never mind the War on Terror what about the War on Cars?

Lets face it it would be cheaper than invading lots of foreign countries and could save more British lives. The only problem is that is not such a good news story as terrorism. War correspondents would rather get shelled and bombed in far off lands than report on the slaughter on our own streets.

Still we aren't all going to get killed by the motor cars, some of us will succumb
to heart disease so perhaps it's grim reading for the car industry that the latest research is showing that exhaust fumes are driving, excuse the pun, up rates of heart disease.
While this is kinda true. And all the fun between your legs stuff sounds like a fine diversion. But it is not minimise terror or minimise car accidents. It is not stop smoking ... or stop cars belching. It is not treat broken legs but not cancer. Etc etc etc.

It is a false dichotomy.

Obviously the terror threat is being horribly exaggerated. But also obvious is that for the moment deaths from terrorism running at 100/3000 say in 2006 (including killed troops and police) are considered far more signicant than deaths in road accidents.

The latter are accidents after all.

The former are deliberates.

Spookily there are also a similar number of gun killings per annum in the UK.

These too have far more fuss than road deaths. but a bit less than terror deaths.

Also deliberates. But there is a hierachy.

And there is a rationale for this hierachy. Including this accident/deliberate dichotomy. Including a feeling that road accidents happen at roads and that precautions are possible. Including the idea that while gun killings and bombings/war were level pegging in 2006 that if it is BAD it is HORRID.

Perhaps tomorrow ... though it is college day.
In the US there are more than 40,000 people killed in traffic every year!!!!!!!
And 11,000 killed in gun crime!
The suicide (death) rate the UK is dropped to a mere 5 thousand per annum.

Serious subjects need a bit of humour to digest.
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