Wednesday, July 18, 2007
  Tory Blogger admits defeat
Good to see that Iain Dale doesn't think that the Tories stand a chance in Ealing Southall. Hopefully more important people like the electors of the seat are of the same opinion. No doubt we shall find out on Thursday.
so is it between Lab and LD?
It seems a really difficult byelection to read from the outside
I think we're going to win with libs and cons fighting it out not to come third. At least that's what the blisters I got on the streets of ealing are telling me.
blisters, really? do tell us about that will, not like you to complain about physical deprivation ... still not run those canvassing anecdotes have I ...?
Blisters were into double figures by the end of the three days. Have just avoided foot amputation but it was close...
LD's Lord Rennard seems to think it will be very close and he ended his emails to LD supporters with "Will there be a recount in Ealing Southall? The result really is on a knife-edge” inviting them to all go to Ealing tomorrow as it will be critical
The more of the clowns there the better ...

Virendra should put out a morn of poll saying "don't vote for the yellow clowns"

I don't think it's quite that close. 35 to 28? Something like that. But I have no evidence at all!
That's about 4000 votes on a 60% T/O. Turn out is critical. Still haven't chanced on the PV figures. Has anyone got those?
Telegraph's Little and Large blog has some rumours from the postal votes verification with Lab and Con neck and neck and LD just behind. However it can all be just pure spin
When I was there I thought we were ahead but it could have been the sun getting to me.

Also the national picture has been pretty good over the last couple of weeks which can't hurt.
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