Tuesday, October 24, 2006
  Gorgeous George Sells Up

One of George Galloway's pads is on the market, more here, at a cool 825K but then it is sarf London. So it's not the Brick Lane address that he would have put as his primary residence when he stood in Bethnal Green and Bow in 2005. I expect that the Inland Revenue will be looking forward to a slice of capital gains tax then.

You can pop round for a viewing by phoning up Foxtons Balham on 0208 772 8000

Hat tip Harry's Place
Ambleside Avenue is weirdly enough where Cynthia Payne - Madam Cyn - held her whiplash S+M parties frequentied by dignitaries of respectable society including clergy, judges and Tories in the 80s if I'm not mistaken
Well well I live and learn.
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